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October 17, 2006

To all members and friends of The California Pioneers of Santa Clara County:

I have very sad news to report. Leonard McKay passed away this morning.

Rick Helin, a Board member and our Marshal and Liaison with Historical Societies, penned the following tribute to Leonard McKay, our President Emeritus and Historian:

Visit The Leonard McKay Collection Online Exhibit


" There is always much sorrow in our heart when anyone passes, however, Leonard was not just "anyone". We will all experience a much greater measure of sadness due to his passing. Include me in Leonard's personal entourage; those who fell under his spell these many years. It must have been the result of that mischievous grin or from the sporadic twinkle in his eye.

But this loss is assuredly much more than just a fallen comrade... we have lost an historical landmark who faithfully anchored this community to the land of our fathers and our mothers. He was a treasure chest filled with historical wonders and someone we frequently called upon to act as our conductor while we travel from our recent past and toward our future.

No words can ever aptly express that deep a loss."

Thank you Rick! We are indeed fortunate to have such an articulate person associated with the Pioneers! There is nothing more that can be added.



At September's quarterly luncheon we were all overwhelmed by the devastation of hurricane Katrina. Through generous donations, you were able to donate just over $2000.00 to The Red Cross and The Salvation Army relief funds.


The Board of Directors
California Pioneers of Santa Clara County

SAN YSIDRO MONUMENT . . . . a pictorial thank you!


 Subject: Community Donors - San Ysidro Historical Interpretive Monument, Gilroy, CA

Attached images acknowledging your earlier donations. Thank you for your kind participation.

Hysterical Bill, Historian
Mountain Charlie Chapter 1850,
E. Clampus Vitus



A big thank you for participating in the Spring clean up of the Hacienda Cemetery in Almaden. Makes me warm all over to have seen the large Saturday 5/14 turn out and effort that included representation from the Daughters of the American Revolution, District VI; Sons of the American Revolution, Silicon Valley Chapter 05; California Pioneers of Santa Clara County; and Mt. Charlie Chapter 1850, E. Clampus Vitus.

About twenty individuals showed up with all the equipment necessary to complete the effort within a couple of hours. A job well done by all !

See you tomorrow for the dedication of the two cottage historical interpretive monuments. Thank you. Continued interaction between local community based organizations such as ours will benefit us all.

Hysterical Bill,
Monument Events Coordinator
Mountain Charlie Chapter 1850, ECV

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