The Paulson House is a Queen Anne-style residence that was built in the 1890's. It was moved to History Park San Jose in 1986 to make room for the Children's Discovery Museum. This house was originally located on Prevost Street near Auzerais and San Carlos Streets.

Mr. Paulson built his home in 1889. His mode of transportation was to ride his bicycle carrying his tools. The front door was hand -carved by Mr. Paulson and still exists today. Mrs. Paulson's sewing room still sits off the back porch. A member of the Paulson family attended an event at HSJ and walked through the house with Jerry Rosenthal. She shared all her memories of growing up in the house and the neighborhood. It wis special to realize that Mrs. Jackson's square grand piano is sitting exactly where the Paulson's piano sat for years.

1986 --
Paulson House
first arrives at
History Park
in San Jose

Photograph Courtesy of History San Jose

California Pioneers of Santa Clara County, working with History San José and the city, negotiated to occupy and restore this wonderful house to make it the primary location of their operations. The goal is to exhibit and make available to the public on a regular basis various furnishings, works of art and other historical materials now in possession of the Pioneers. With generous help from Barry and Case Swenson, their construction firms, and some of the proceeds from the sale of the Jackson Ranch to the County of Santa Clara Parks and Recreation, the Paulson House has been rehabilitated.

2005 -- Paulson House before renovations

Being located in a public park, in a beautifully restored original San Jose home, gives the Pioneers a viable platform to encourage interest, and hopefully membership, in the Society. It visually displays that the Pioneers will treasure and will share with future generations what is donated to them. The California Pioneers of Santa Clara County are now grounded and committed to serving the community with the preservation of historical places and materials.

Dedication for the partnerships and renovation was June 25, 2005, [ click here ]

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